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Re Porter - My sweetest Valentine's Day
bethany porter

For most, Valentine’s Day is just another way to remind single people they are single and is just a way to sell chocolates. I have been single for the past few Valentine’s Days and I have to say I am not missing much. 

This holiday doesn’t just have to be for those in relationships; it is pretty much a day to celebrate love. My friend and I started doing Galentine’s Day a few years ago and would send each other gifts in the mail while we were both at college. Valentine’s Day is also a weird holiday in my family because it is also my sister’s birthday. 

I kind of feel bad for her because people all around the world get gifts on her birthday. She even has to get people gifts on her birthday. Her past boyfriends and now her husband really are in a tricky situation on her birthday because not only did they have to get her a birthday gift, but a Valentine’s gift as well. Well, a smart person would. 

Can you imagine dating someone who has a birthday on Valentine’s Day and only buying them Valentine chocolates? Me either, but some people are not smart enough to figure that out. 

At one point my sister and I were in high school at the same time. She was a senior and I was a freshman. At this time the school was selling roses for people to buy for their Valentines and I wore it into the ground how much I wanted a rose. I was half kidding, half not but come on, I was 14 and I definitely didn’t expect the person I was dating at the time to get me one. 

Valentine’s Day comes and I am sitting in class when the door opens. The person calls my name and hands me a rose. I looked at the card attached to it and who other than my very own sister’s name do I see. First of all, I was embarrassed because I was the only one in the room who got a rose and all the attention was on me, but secondly I was very touched that my sister wanted to make sure I got a rose. 

She probably doesn’t remember it, but it was very sweet. It was her birthday and she thought to get me a rose. So Happy Birthday Brittany. I hope you aren’t too mad at me for sharing a mushy sentimental story. I apologize in advance.

My second point is that Valentine’s Day doesn’t just have to be about romantic relationships. If your Valentine’s Day does center around that, then good for you. There is nothing wrong with that either. Another memorable Valentine’s Day gift for me was when I was going to school and living in Tullahoma and my parents surprised me by putting a box of chocolates in my glove box for me to find. 

It was super sweet. Maybe just try to do something sweet or kind for the people you love this holiday. 

Happy Valentine’s Day. You can find me on Feb. 15 searching for the discounted candy. 

Standard reporter Bethany Porter can be reached at 473-2191.