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Re-porter - I wish some stayed home
bethany porter

I finally got to see “Spider-Man: No Way Home” and it was amazing. I saw it on opening night which meant there was a huge crowd. A large crowd was expected and can sometimes be fun especially when everyone there are huge fans. Unfortunately, that night there happened to be some people who were not huge fans and who decided I wanted to hear their very loudly whispered commentary to each other throughout the whole movie.

A group of young teenage boys ended up sitting behind me. I was a little concerned at first because they were horrible before the movie even started by throwing popcorn and being obnoxious, but I gave them the benefit of the doubt and thought they may calm down once the movie started. I was wrong.

At first, I didn’t notice it that much and was letting it go. As the scenes became quieter and more serious, all I could hear was them. I thought I did really good letting it go on as long as I did, but about an hour and a half into the movie I was losing my mind. I hated to be the person to tell them to shut up because I remember being 13 and going to the movies with my friends, but this was opening night of the biggest movie of the year and they were being awful.

They weren’t saying “Wow, that was cool!” or anything relevant to the movie. They would say, “Stop crying you baby,” during the sad scenes, “This movie sucks,” and at once point a toddler walked by with light up shoes on and they said “Turn off your shoes!” For those who have seen the movie, they even talked during the biggest reveal in the movie. That was it for me.

With rage boiling inside me, I turned around and said, “Could you please be quiet? Thanks.”

To my surprise, it kind of worked. They were definitely quieter. I had considered going, “SHHHH!” or saying, “I paid to watch the movie, not listen to you talk the whole time,” but I figured the nicer approach would be more effective.

In addition to my own personal commentators in my ear, there were some other horrible people present that night. At the end of Marvel movies there is a post-credit scene that everyone waits for. While I was waiting for the credits to end, I look over to the other side of the theater and see one or two people just standing in the middle of their row waiting like there wasn’t anyone behind them. Apparently they forgot that they were not the only people in the theater who wanted to see the post-credit scene. It is very fortunate for them that they were on the other side of the theater because I had already been “that person” and told kids to be quiet so I would have definitely told these grown men that knew better to SIT DOWN.

I guess the main takeaway of my little rant is to be considerate of other people. Don’t stand in front of people at the movies, and please for the love of all things good and holy do not talk during the entire movie.

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