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Re Porter - Awkward situations

I started working at the Southern Standard this past July and I have had more than my fair share of awkward situations and encounters. My very first day I was asked to cover a summer meal service program where kids who needed meals during the summer were provided with them. There was a list of participating schools, so I chose Bobby Ray Elementary School to go grab a quick picture and a quote.

I get to Bobby Ray and there is no sign of the meal program, so I ask for more information. I am told that it is at the Middle School. I go to the Middle School, pull on locked doors and then call the front desk and they tell me it is at Bobby Ray. I go back to Bobby Ray and pull on some different locked doors and someone comes up to me and says it is at West Elementary. They were probably concerned why a person with a camera was wandering around their school, but thankfully they pointed me in the right direction. 

It is also important to note that this was one of the hottest days of July and I came to work in black jeans and a black shirt. 

I get to West Elementary and the doors are locked. Sweating, I walk around the building and happen to stumble upon some cafeteria workers and they tell me it is located through the doors to my left. The doors are locked, but thankfully a lady lets me into the air conditioned room. She was an important person regarding this event and since I was brand new at this job I forgot her name, did not write it down, and apparently wrote down the wrong number for her, so I could not get a quote from her. Great.

I finally talk to the cafeteria staff, get a horribly blurry picture of them, but a great picture of pizza and head back to the Standard exhausted and sweaty. 

The next time I worked, Lisa helped me format my story correctly and it ended up on page 3A on July 2. I framed that article because it was such a difficult, awkward experience that now makes me smile.

My latest awkward experience includes walking around the entire fairgrounds three whole times looking for the drive-thru vaccination clinic and not realizing I literally passed them each time. I probably asked four different people where to go and all but the last person gave me a wrong answer.

This was also one of the hottest days, and again I was wearing black. I clearly did not learn my lesson. When I finally realized it was them I was dripping in sweat and had to go in the Women’s building and stand in front of a fan to cool down. 

These two stories are only the beginning of the silly situations I have found myself in. I can only imagine how many more weird situations I will find myself in now that I'm working here fulltime. 

Standard reporter Bethany Porter can be reached at 473-2191.