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No. 1 The story of the week is Warren County finally getting respect and being ranked No. 10 in the state AP prep poll. COVID-19 may have prevented large gatherings, but there is plenty of room to social distance at Nunley Stadium this Friday night.
Tickets are available at Search for Warren County and purchase tickets. If you do not go to the game, supporting the team by purchasing a ticket will help the team and other sports.
No. 2 High school sports will have shortfalls this year because of limited ticket sales at football games. Gate revenue from football games helps support football and non-revenue producing sports. I have been trying to document the financial fallout, and hope to report information on the high school sports’ budgets soon.
No 3 The success of the football team defies all expectations. Did anyone think that the football team would be 8-0 and ranked 10th in the state when Riverdale came to town this late in the season?
The Pioneers have accomplished this amazing feat with an all-Warren County coaching staff. One person believed that the Pioneers could compete in this region, and that person is Matt Turner. The county owes this man a lot of gratitude. How many coaches have tried to break the 29-year losing streak?
No. 4 The answer is nine coaches. There are many good men in that group. One thing that amazes me is how Matt Turner has coached with passion and tough love. That may sound corny, but it is true.
I have worked with high school football coaches across the state for 21 years in my fundraising business. I have been exposed to all types of corruption. Coaches, schools, parents and communities have been corrupted by the desire to win. Warren County is presently experiencing one of the purest examples of coaching and team performance possible.
Warren County is by no means the only team or school that is winning by doing it the right way, but in today’s world, character should be recognized and rewarded.
No. 5 One of the pleasant surprises of covering high school sports has been the high character and personalities of the student-athletes. Athletes have great personalities.
A few that stand out are C.J. Taylor, who has been amazing. He should be nominated for Mr. Football. He has earned that honor. The offensive line, The Syrup Squad, has played their hearts out, and they are funny! 
Katie Toney is a superior athlete who has been exciting to watch.
I could fill the entire sports pages with names of high school athletes and not give these student-athletes enough credit.