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Random Thoughts - Are we doing enough?
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NO. 1 I am seeing C.J. Taylor progress as a quarterback each week. One aspect of his decision-making that stands out is what coach Matt Turner calls “give-to-live.” C.J. is giving the ball to tailbacks and wingbacks on options, which will keep teams guessing on who has the ball. It also keeps C.J. from taking numerous hits on offense. 

NO. 2 The first month of high school sports has concluded in Tennessee. I have some questions. When I watch college and pro football games on TV, the crowds are very sparse and I see a lot of people on the sidelines wearing masks. 

The NBA and MLB have no fans in the stands. Most every NFL game does not have fans. As we approach the fall season, are we collectively thinking that the COVID-19 virus is no longer a major threat? Are we doing enough to protect each other so that high school sports can continue?

NO. 3 Some school systems are not restricting ticket sales for any sporting events, which is not in compliance with what the TSSAA recommended. There are school systems that did not allow sports to conduct games during the first month. Some school systems will shut down the entire school in which a student tests positive for cleaning. 

I understand that Memphis and Nashville are more densely populated than McMinnville, but is there a state policy for schools and sports? Each county can make its own decisions? Is there a benefit to having state guidelines? Should the state guidelines be mandated? Asking for a friend …

NO. 4 I personally think trying to predict game victories is predominantly guesswork. Yes, sports betting is a big business. Trying to predict who wins a national championship or Super Bowl before the season starts is interesting. Ever notice how the experts rarely guess correctly? 

Personally, I do not want to predict a team will win based on logic, and then root for that team to lose based on my prediction. Who wants to predict or bet that the Titans or Vols will lose, and then hope for them to lose? Subsequently, there are high school teams that I do not want to lose; therefore, I don’t predict for them to lose. 

I am content being in last place in the weekly pick’em contest, and I intend to stay there. Hahaha!

NO. 5 Bill Russell, the hall of fame basketball center for the Boston Celtics, continues to be a social justice activist. He recently wrote a captivating article entitled, “Racism Is Not a Historical Footnote.” You can read it at the 

He is one of the last living Celtics who was on the great Celtic teams of the ’60s. Count them … he has 11 NBA championship rings.