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One Good Thing - Small-town feel at 4th festivity

In all the things we’ve been without during the pandemic, I didn’t realize I missed the community togetherness that I saw Saturday at Morrison Ruritan’s Fourth of July festivities.

There is something nostalgic about a huge crowd gathering to simply have a day of celebrating something as a community and I can tell that it is something sorely missed by everyone. It was refreshing to see the lawn chairs lining the road, kids sitting on blankets in the grass or running around playing and people enjoying the company of others.

I am happy to report the kids in attendance appeared to be having tons of fun playing or getting involved in the games that were going on, something that I remember quite well from my childhood. Half the fun of going to events like this was playing with my friends who came along – and maybe that’s why everything struck a chord with me and I realized I had missed seeing this type of community-driven activity.

It reminded me a lot of the county fair and all it embodies: everyone taking some time out of their chaotic schedules to socialize and enjoy good company, concessions-style food (What do they do to those crinkle cut fries to make them so good?) and get involved in some way with their community. That’s the type of thing that I think small towns just do better than the big cities where no one knows anyone and everyone keeps to their own small circle of acquaintances.

Big cities are nice to visit as you get to see things you usually don’t see or shop places you couldn’t back home, but I wouldn’t trade the small-town vibes in Warren County for anything. There’s method to the slow-paced madness here, where everyone turns out for ball games and Fourth of July events and the whole town seems to shut down when the fair rolls in.

I look forward to attending more events like this in the future. Saturday’s adventure is a welcome reminder to slow down a little and enjoy the small things in life – definitely something I, and many others, don’t seem to do enough of lately. The fair is right around the corner and I’m hopeful to see a lot of the same smiling faces from Morrison Ruritan – and other great local groups – when we get to step back onto the fairgrounds after having to skip a year. I’ll be eagerly waiting for fun activities like this one to make their gradual return as we all move back toward normalcy in a hopefully post-COVID era, whatever that means these days.

So, thank you, Morrison, for reminding me to not take our small-town feel for granted. For those who missed the event this year, I encourage you to be there next year – there’s bound to be something for everyone to do and the people behind it did a great job!

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