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Influx of NXT stars revitalizes WWE
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Something has happened to WWE immediately post-Wrestlemania as there seems to be a revival of the tag team division with an inflow of fresh teams from NXT.
I’m somewhat old school when it comes to enjoying tag team wrestling. I think a lot of casual fans really don’t understand the allure a good tag team match can have because they’ve had singles constantly forced down their throats by WWE. It’s come to a point where it seems even professionals in WWE have forgotten, or were never taught, how to put on a good tag team match.
Of course, this isn’t surprising since WWE has only half-heartedly pushed the tag division over the past couple of decades. Teams like the Hart Foundation, Road Warriors, the Hardys, and even the Dudley Boyz, who are back in WWE and doing great as a heel team, were forgotten relics of the past until recently. In recent years the tag division was used to put over singles competitors, teaming up strange bedfellows before their big singles matches.
However, something happened to change the mind of WWE. That something, I believe, is the overwhelming success of the New Day. The tag team of Big E, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods appeared to be just another dumb idea when they first started but they have since become a sensation. People love the New Day to the point WWE had to turn them face because they were getting such big cheers.
So, how did this group of three singles wrestlers come together to change the face of the tag division in WWE? Simple. They made the tag division fun again. Instead of a half-hearted pairing of wrestlers, these guys became over the top when it came to their promos and even their in-ring work.
Seeing the success New Day has enjoyed, WWE has decided to surround them with other teams to make for a stronger tag division. As I said, you had the aforementioned Dudleys, and the Usos already lingering around along with the Lucha Dragons and the Ascension (which didn’t get a good push coming from NXT last year). However, post-Wrestlemania you have a new insurgence being showcased in a No. 1 contender’s tournament to see who will face New Day at Payback.
Monday night we saw the arrival of the Bullet Club – Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows - from NXT as they attacked the Usos. They are very popular in NXT and will be pushed in the division. You also have Enzo and Cass from NXT, who have made their debut and look to have a showdown coming with the Dudleys. This is not to mention that R-Truth and Goldust are getting back together as the Golden Truth and the arrival of the Vaudevillians from NXT.
Of course the big question is whether the tag team division push will sustain itself. If WWE is true to its track record, it will start breaking up the teams immediately and trying to make singles competitors of them. My hope is they will leave it alone and allow the tag genre to actually return to professional wrestling.
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