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Moore Thoughts - Semi trucks, big problem
taylor moore

I’ve turned off the lights, put my dog to bed, and locked the door. It is time to go to sleep.


A loud explosion shakes my home and my dog cannot stop barking. It sounds like someone hit a building with their car or a bomb went off. But in reality, it’s just a semi-truck who has hit one of those bells on the sidewalks downtown.

When will semi truck drivers learn that downtown is not the place for them?

It is a common occurrence for semi-trucks to get stuck on Main Street, particularly at the intersection to enter Sparta Street. It isn’t as common in the daytime because they primarily travel at night to avoid traffic, I assume.

With that, most of their accidents happen at night when I am trying to sleep. I can’t even count on my fingers how many times it’s happened in the past two-and-a-half years. It usually happens a couple of times a month, so I am used to it at this point.

However, my poor dog still hasn’t gotten used to the frequent mini explosions. One time, a tire burst on one of those bells, and I actually thought someone was shot. There needs to be something to make these semis avoid Main Street better.

The only positive is when one does get stuck on a bell, it looks really funny wedged on the sidewalk. It’s also funny when a truck driver doesn’t get stuck and they have to maneuver around the sharp curve carefully. It’s impressive occasionally, but mostly I am disappointed in the driving skills of these truck drivers.

Sometimes they can maneuver themselves out, sometimes a crane has to remove them. Either way, it is easily my least favorite part of living in the downtown area. My suggestion for improvement is a transportation machine right at the entrance of Sparta Street. Once you enter, you get magically placed onto Sparta Street, without hitting a big red bell.

My true thought is to just have more signs that clearly state that semi trucks should not drive downtown, or at least to avoid the sharp turn onto Sparta Street. I don’t know where these trucks are going or where they’ve been, but there are only a handful of places downtown that require big delivery trucks.

And if they are trying to get to Sparta Street, there are other entrance points to that road that will not leave you wedged on a sidewalk thing. We already can’t trust most people driving downtown, but we can’t even trust the people who drive for a living?

This is another gripe about that intersection at Sparta Street; those travelling eastbound on E. Main Street have the right of way to those travelling westbound. Those travelling east seem to have more issues with this intersection as they tend to yield to those who have a yield sign. You’d think people would be selfish and ignore the yield sign when coming westbound, but no. The eastward drivers magically create a yield sign in their heads.

Anyway, I’m not trying to end the trucking industry, I just don’t want to hear any more tiny explosions, that’s all.

Standard reporter Taylor Moore can be reached at (931) 473-2191.