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Moore Thoughts - No Moore thoughts
taylor moore

I don’t know how to feel about writing this column as it’s my last one with the Standard for now. Two and a half years ago, I started work at the newspaper in the height of the pandemic, which was very stressful and a difficult adjustment. But the job has served me well, giving me many connections and allowing me to experience things other jobs just don’t.

However, other opportunities have been brought to me, and I couldn’t pass up the chance to explore. The new opportunity is a job at a camp in Indiana. The position will consist of me teaching outdoor skills to children on field trips or day camps throughout the school year. 

I’ve worked at a summer camp for the past six years and grew up camping with my family and with my fellow Scouters of Scouts BSA, so that part of the job doesn’t scare me. What I have never done is live outside of the state. This is what scares me.

But fear does not deter me from taking opportunities. I was scared when I first applied at the Southern Standard. It’s healthy to do things that scare you because that’s how you grow as a person and I truly think at my age, this is a great time to be taking risks such as moving out of state.

This camp also has its own summer camp which I would normally work at, but having to leave my reporting job and my scaring job at Nashville Nightmare, I couldn’t bring myself to leave my home camp in Tennessee. So my stint in Indiana will be short-lived at first, then I will return to my home state for the summer camp that I normally work at.

Then I will be heading back up to Indiana for the fall semester. Overall, I am excited to start this new adventure because it is something that I am comfortable and confident doing. I have a passion for nature and being outdoors, and this just seems like a perfect opportunity for me right now.

It was pretty nerve-wracking to tell my coworkers at the paper I was leaving because I’ve grown to really respect and get along with them. New guy Dalton Perez is someone I met while I was covering sports last year as he was doing the same for Manchester, and I think he is going to be great for the paper.

Jeff has been a fun energy in the room especially when he and Seth get to talking. I will always appreciate Nikki’s correct opinion that classic Oreos are better than the golden ones. Seth has been a big supporter of the reporters and is very easy to talk to, even for a boss. I also have to thank Pat Zechman for her support in whatever I was doing for the Standard.

Finally, my cohort Bethany has helped me ease into the position as news reporter. She really has taught me a lot about the job and, though we get off track sometimes, she knows when it’s time for us to get stuff done.

It’s a bittersweet feeling, but I appreciate what the paper has done for me.

Standard reporter Taylor Moore can be reached at (931) 473-2191.