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Moore Thoughts - Bunny saga continues
taylor moore

The bunny saga continues for me in 2023. In the past I have written about my pet bunnies, from acquiring five adult rabbits, to one having six babies and, of course, when my poor Bananas broke her leg.

Now with four adult rabbits, my hands have gotten less full, but that is still a lot of rabbits to take care of. I was getting stressed out about them for the past year as I felt like I had no space in my own home but, after some hard work, my bunnies have a new home.

No, I did not find people on social media that wanted a rabbit just to give them up in a few weeks when they saw how difficult they are to care for. I did rehome them, but they don’t have a new owner. After building and piecing together some huts, my rabbits are now living at my grandparents’ house in their yard.

They already own chickens and live in town, so it was an easy solution that I’m surprised took me so long to think of. I took one Saturday and moved all four rabbits to a nice bunny apartment complex that I built with the help of my Pops and brother. 

Boo-Boo, my male rabbit, has his own cage as does Clover, the former mother rabbit. And the sisters Bananas and Foster have their own hutch. They technically live in a chicken coop, but they enjoy it just the same. This has been a bittersweet transition as I miss seeing my rabbits every day, but my stress levels at home have gone down significantly. Not to mention, I think it’s been pretty good for the rabbits and my grandpa as well. 

For one, my rabbits have so much more space now. They can roam and run and eat grass coming from the Earth. Every time I go visit, which is every couple of days, they just run right up to me with excitement (probably because I’m there to feed them). It’s been wonderful for them even through the chilly couple of weeks they’ve endured.

Many of my family members expressed concerns about the cold and how they’d fair, but rabbits are a lot more adapted to cold weather than we humans. One thing that has helped a lot is my grandfather. He loves checking on the rabbits, and despite my best efforts of feeding them myself and not making it a burden on him, he has watched how I take care of them and does it because he wants to.

I went to feed them the other day, and he told me he already had. From what I’ve been told, he has grown a particular fondness for Boo-Boo because he is the friendliest. It truly has been a blessing being able to continue taking care of my rabbits that benefits me and them.

It also gives me a reason to visit my grandparents, but now I need to make a reason to see my other grandparents. I would normally see them every Sunday, but I’ve joined a dodgeball league, and Sundays are our play days. Either way, I’m very excited to see my rabbits thriving.

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