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Livin' la Vida Lacy - My top 10
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We recently had to rate from a pre-constructed list the top 10 Warren County stories of 2019. This is a collection of editorial articles mostly about murder or money-related topics that have happened in our county. 

After casting in my rankings from 10 to 1, I reflected on what I’ve written over the past year. Since my brain only retains a week’s worth of coverage, I took to our website.

Turns out, my personal favorites aren’t what would be deemed “most newsworthy” and definitely wouldn’t end up on an award-winning ballot for world-class reporting. Still, for those interested, here’s a compilation of my top 10 stories and an overview of my selection.

1. My column – “Livin’ la Vida Lacy” – I love sharing my unfiltered thoughts, experiences, and recommendations freely. It’s my favorite to write and I genuinely look forward to it each week. Nothing is more flattering than to run into people who mention details that could only come from having read my column.

2. “Ledbetter feeling better” – My major takeaway from sharing Gabi’s story about her fight with Classic Hodgkin Lymphoma stage IVB was courageously advocate for yourself. I’ll never forget her saying “You know your body” and “If you feel like you are not being heard, you should seek further care.” 

3. “Staying fit and raising funds” – Covering this competition reminded me that I’m capable of covering sports. Plus, it motivated me to be consistent with CrossFit. I’m making gains!

4. “Corley takes unconventional road to worship” – Y’all know that I love Jesus so it was super fun writing about Mike Corley canoeing to church along with sharing some of his wild experiences. 

5. “Senior Smarties” – WCHS valedictorian Jacqueline Becerra and co-salutatorians Makenzie Whitlock and Kailey Wood were a blast to work with! They were such good sports during our confetti photoshoot.

6. “To eat or not to eat?” – Apparently, this story earned a cancelled subscription, but I found the topic of placentophagy interesting and relevant to expectant moms. Sorry, not sorry.

7. “Two killed in wreck” – Although highly sensitive and stressful, I was able to cover this incident professionally and without jeopardizing my morals. I’m proud of myself for this one.

8. “The greatest showmen” – I have a newfound appreciation for our Warren County A&L Fair. Watching little ones show livestock was impressive. I’ve learned a lot last year about the agricultural side of our fair.

9. “Elected Official Snapshot Series” – Boy, was this assignment a self-education on local politicians. I learned about them as a person as well as their political stances. This series definitely improved my meeting coverage too.

10. “Don’t neglect spiritual health” – This article still rings true for 2020.

To those of you whom I’ve interviewed in 2019, thank you for the privilege of sharing your story.