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Livin' la Vida Lacy - Moving packed full of stress
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The moment I’ve dreamed and dreaded finally arrived last weekend – we ditched that monthly storage bill and got all our stuff back. My downstairs is crammed full of furniture, banana boxes and plastic tubs. 

It didn’t take McMinnville Moving and Storage long to unload the truck. Let me just say, when they rolled my Speed Queens down, I felt a true burst of energy and excitement. What a luxury it is to stay home and do laundry! No more toting piles of clothes to Lisa’s or Grandma’s! 

For me, Type A, slightly OCD and admittedly a clean freak, it can be extremely overwhelming. I’m slowly chipping away at the disorganized heap. Every time I step inside the door my internal alert system constantly chirps like a car alarm “clutter alert … must clean now.” 

At times, it’s exciting to rediscover old treasures. However, when I start to heavily consider chucking everything into the front yard with a sign reading “FREE” in big, bold letters, I know it’s break time. That’s when I mosey upstairs in an out-of-sight, out-of-mind approach for my sanity. 

So, priority No. 1 – kitchen. First thing, I called Alan George to check out my oven. I had my fingers crossed he’d be able to work some magic and he didn’t disappoint. I could’ve hugged him for saving us from having to buy another expensive appliance. It’s hard to find an appliance guy, but if you need one, Mr. George knows his stuff.

Want to guess the next step? Yep, locating my glassware and dishes in semi-labeled boxes. I dedicated the entire day to unwrapping, washing, organizing and purging plastic containers, mugs, and appliances I never use.

Grandma scolded me for tossing away expired spices while scavenging through the trash bag recovering certain ones. Apparently, those expiration dates mean nothing for the longevity of herbs, spices and blends. I finally decided to research and here’s what I found:

• Whole spices: 4 years

• Ground spices: 3 years

• Dried herbs: 3 years

• Spice blends: 2 years

• Fresh spices: 1 week

Sidenote – If your spice rack has gone untouched for a while, I’d suggest checking out for a list of 30 common spices and herbs and when to restock. 

OK, back to our progress. We got my den mostly set up so it’s looking super cozy with my couch, chair and desk. Ross contributed by hooking up his TV and placing it on top of the pie safe, which surprisingly works.  

Oh, and what’s old Hughy up to you ask? He’s finishing a few projects, including my exterior shutters. I’ve ordered two decorative hardware kits with S-hooks from Wayfair because again, details matter. After all, if windows are like eyes of the home, doesn’t that make shutters the eyelashes? That’s how I presented it to Ross anyway.  

As for the dining and living room, well those boxes are for another day.

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