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Livin' la Vida Lacy - Holidays about people, not stuff
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I was reminded, yet again, that Christmas isn’t about what’s under the tree, but who’s around it. Truthfully, that goes for every holiday though.

On the Sunday before Christmas, Grandpa had a little health scare, which freaked us all out. After a couple days in Murfreesboro, he got to come home just in time for Christmas. Talk about answered prayers.

Christmas Eve was one of the best yet. Ross and I went to a special candlelight church service that evening. The building was filled with joyful songs, heartfelt prayers and a devo about Jesus. 

As a visual learner, watching the darkness of the auditorium begin glowing with candlelight filled my heart with gratitude and understanding. As we exited the church, we were all greeted by a deep red sunset splashed across the sky.

That night, we hosted our first Christmas shindig at our house. Before I came along, it was a Griffith-Garrison tradition to spend Christmas Eve at Man and Meme’s. With the finger foods ready, we ate, laughed and swapped gifts. I love spending time in my own home during the holidays.

On Christmas day, we woke up bright and early. After being showered with gifts at my in-laws, Ross and I headed to my grandparents for breakfast. I indulged.

So, did anything unexpected happen? Well, we did spend a good hour detangling my niece’s hair or should I say dreadlocks? Apparently, she’s not a fan of brushing it right now. Just picture me, my grandma and cousin Matt standing in the kitchen rubbing coconut oil through her super long red mane. 

Furthermore, several in our crew were feeling puny. My aunt had to leave early with stomach virus symptoms and I was feeling sinsusy. I blame the editorial department and this bipolar Tennessee weather. Still, I persuaded everyone to take our annual awkward family photo before we departed.

Round two – evening Christmas dinner back at my in-laws. All of Ross’ great uncles and aunts as well as cousins stopped by for dinner. It was a night full of reminiscing.

So, now I’m thinking about my plans and resolutions for 2020. While some mock the tradition, I participate and here’s why. For me, I enjoy actively pursuing a goal and getting things done. However, I’ve learned from the past not to set too many and to choose achievable ones.

So, after reflecting and talking with other goal setters, I’ll share a few of my resolutions.

Stay fit and healthy – I plan to continue with my current health regime while learning more cooking recipes for clean living.

Get stronger and stay consistent – I’d love to do a pullup on my own and a true handstand pushup this year! I also plan on upping my running to three days a week. 

Love God more – I definitely want to increase in knowledge and obedience to be a better Christian.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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