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Livin' la Vida Lacy - Finally selling some clothes

Nothing can motivate you to clean out and declutter more than a big move. I’ve written a lot about my exciting renovations, but I’ve not mentioned the room-that-must-not-be-named – the den. This room got the shaft. We stacked, piled, and loaded it with stuff utilizing it as a storage room to save money until last week.

I don’t know about you, but cleaning out closets is the worst. (Personally, I’d rather scrub a toilet.) Ross and I have both been putting it off, but I got to thinking … how long has it been since I gave my closet a ruthless purge? I can’t recall. So, with a lot of nagging and loving ultimatums, I convinced Ross to help me begin the painful process.

As I opened storage containers, I was hit with all the emotions.

• Guilt asked, “Why do you wear the same outfits when you’ve got a closet full?”
• Frustration asked, “Are you ever going to lose the weight to fit back into this?”

• Fear asked, “If you get rid of this, will you regret it?”

I took a deep breath and drowned those silly thoughts with some happy Beach Boys classics. Into four separate piles my clothes went – keep, Goodwill, Kids of the Community, and sell. Why had I built this up in my head as an impossible task? Either I wear it or I don’t. It really is as simple as that.

After bagging up jeans, leggings, and tops, I plan on donating my small sizes to Kids of the Community. They accept drop-offs at their building on Tuesdays or Thursdays from 4 to 6 p.m. As for my dressy clothes, I’ll probably donate them to a church clothing drive. Everything else is going to Goodwill.

That leaves my sell pile. After a lot of consideration, I’ve decided not to have a yard sale. It’s too much work and people want your already low marked items basically for free.  I’ve noticed several people using Facebook to sell their clothes, but I don’t have the time to monitor my page. Instead, I’ve decided to sell my more expensive, name brand items online. Here are a few online consignment shops that have piqued my interest.

• thredUp – I’m definitely going to try this one as a couple of my friends have recommended it. I like that thredUP does everything for you. All you do is order one of their signature “clean out kits” and send off your clothes. After they decide which ones to accept, they pay you based on the selling price assigned to each item.

• Poshmark – For some of my Free People and high-end clothing from my boutique days, I may try selling them through this site. According to their website, you set your prices and Poshmark takes 20 percent of the selling price. The company also helps you with shipping.

If you’ve been successful with selling your clothes through another site, shoot me an email with some details. I’m a newbie to the online clothing selling game, but hey, it’s always nice to have a little extra cash.

Standard reporter Lacy Garrison can be reached at 473-2191.