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Letter to the Editor 9-23
Police department shouldn't be palace
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TO THE EDITOR: I read a letter in the Standard a few weeks ago about how substandard our Police Department building is. It's worth noting this letter was written by a former police chief who lived in a very nice house here and his wife drove a Mercedes. I'm sure his standards are above the average citizen here.
I'm also sure our Police Department building isn't nearly as nice as those in Beverly Hills or suburban Atlanta where he went.
And I don't see having to use fans in the summer or extra clothes in the winter a terrible hardship. I do that now to help on my utility bills and I don't even have HVAC -- just window units, etc.
Furthermore, I don't understand why they need an 11,000-square-foot office that's the size of five or six normal family homes here.
If there are about 35 employees and you assume half that number per shift, and a few who are out on patrol, then there shouldn't be many there at any one time.
And, I don't see why then need a courtroom for their traffic court for a few hours a month. Why can't they rent or share one with the county?
Bill Smartt
South High Street