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Letter to the Editor 9-20
McMinnville gave us grand welcome
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My family experienced a joyous event in McMinnville.
Charming McMinnville sponsored a festival to welcome everyone to the total eclipse of the sun. Their townsfolk were open, friendly, and above all, personally welcoming. We also met visitors from Florida, Michigan and Canada who'd come especially for this wondrous sight.
All public buildings, businesses and the town square were filled with happy, imaginative people. Free Moon Pies from a local church, a realtor who anticipated the heat gave out ice cream, and cool water flowed as well in a modern celebratory atmosphere.
One self-described "Space Nerd," Mr. J.T. Shoemaker of Atlanta showed up with a magnificent Dopsonian telescope for anyone to use for free. How many thousands will remember forever his thoughtful gift of a vision of a lifetime. What a sight!
The downtown Park Theater channeled NASA updates. We wandered to a nearby park, complete with a Hollywood quality babbling brook, and from our blanket saw the grand eclipse.
Words can't really convey the unearthly cooling weather, then twilight, then darkness and stars, crowned by a sun now an aurora of light. Such a happy, joyous, kind and friendly event, welcomed and shared by everyone on this wonderful day is what makes us proud to be Americans.

John W. Davis
Linton Road
Athens, Ala.