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Letter to the Editor 7-16
Enforce existing speed limits already in place
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I just finished the article on the Yager Road speed reduction discussion. I totally disagree the speed limits need to be reduced.
What Yager Road, Short Mountain Road and many of the other county roads need is enforcement. I've lived on Yager/Short Mountain Road about 8 miles out of the city limits for 35 years. It doesn't matter what you set the speed limits at. A vast majority of the people who drive on them will SPEED.
These roads are the main arteries connecting county folks to the cities surrounding and almost everyone is in a hurry and few, if any, worry about being stopped. I've been passed on curves, no passing zones, had my bumper ridden for miles and had to slam on my brakes many times to let someone going around me back into the lane to prevent a head-on collision.
I always drive at least the speed limits on these roads and if I were to be honest, I add 5 mph to it. Just kidding officers, well kinda.
I can just imagine what happens to slower drivers. I've seen numerous accidents including two fatalities within 200 feet of my driveway. I think putting up signs alerting drivers to slow down at dangerous curves is a great idea, but please don't waste our taxpayer dollars on speed limit signs that will do nothing to slow people down, prevent accidents and more fatalities.
These proposed signs will only slow the honest (and mostly honest) people down. Our roads are in great shape and can support the speed limits now posted. Let's get people obeying the posted limits we have now.
Thank you,
Deny Sheets
K. Prater Road