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Letter to the Editor 4-14
Dr. Troop a physician who saved my life
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As several of you know, Dr. Ray Troop will be retiring on April 30. He has been taking care of the people in Warren and surrounding counties for almost 50 years.
I would especially like to thank him for taking care of me and my wie, Vilas, for almost 40 years.
In 1988, he found a knot on my neck and sent me to the hospital for a thyroid scan. The technician said the scan didn’t show anything. I started out the door and she asked me who my doctor was. I said Dr. Ray Troop.
When I said Dr. Troop, she said come back because he has great hands for finding thyroid knots. I was sent to Nashville immediately and both of my thyroids were cancerous and were removed. That was 29 years ago and I’m still here.
I owe my life to Dr. Ray Troop. Without him, I probably would not have lived a year.
Dr. Troop has taken care of my wife and sent her to a doctor to take care of her problem and she has enjoyed a complete turnaround. He really save her life also.
On behalf of everyone who had the privilege of having Dr. Troop for a doctor, we would like to say thank you for taking care of all of us. Hope you have a great retirement. You will be missed more than you ever know.

Phillip & Vilas Lappin
Greggview Street