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Letter to the Editor 12-2
Cartoon about Trump was factually wrong
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I support free speech as a legal matter, but I think that ethics and morality should act as curbs at times. Just because we can say something that does not mean that we should. For example, we can say something that is an egregiously false statement about a public figure for the sake of politics but we should not.
The cartoon "Holiday shopping in Trump's America" by Rogers is a case in point. That statement was more ad hominem than ad rem. Your legal representative can tell you what those terms mean.
The author and apparently you have confused the actions of others for statements by our president-elect. Would you have published a cartoon that implies Hillary Clinton encouraged others to bomb Republican campaign offices or supported their actions in doing that?
What you have published here is one of the worst cases of partisan sniping that I have seen in your paper for quite some time. It is tasteless. It makes no useful point. Rather it amounts to an infantile playground insult. But, like that playground bully, I suppose you felt good about putting it out there.
James R. Frysinger
Stoney Point Mtn. Road