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Letter to the Editor 1-25
Warren County making great economic strides
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Prestige visits of Gov. Haslam and then his appointee, a week or so later, Commissioner Randy Boyd, Department of Economic and Community Development, have caused me to reflect on the changes that have occurred during their watch.  Sometimes we are so close to the trees that we do not see the forest.
During this time, we are neighbors to two new projects that have slipped into our local economy which have significant long-range effects on our future. 
The first is a data center, although number of employees is small, the qualifications of the educated work force is great and has proven to the world that Warren County can welcome and house a cutting-edge technical facility. 
The second is the recently announced Advanced Robotic Training Center that will train our students and employees to stay abreast of the highly automated changes that are taking place within our solid industrial base.
Latest unemployment data for our area is 4.4%. Most any economist will advise that any amount under 5% is basically full employment because at any given time there are a certain amount of employees in transition. 
We are most fortunate in this regard, but even more important is the fact our local economy is ahead of the curve in preparing ourselves for the inevitable changes that will happen and at a much more rapid pace than has been the case in the past. As a result, we are on the starting blocks of seeing our median income rise significantly, relative to our neighbors throughout our nation and the world.
To those that grumble, “Nothing ever happens for McMinnville; everything happens out in the county,” please note that both of these previously mentioned projects located within the city limits of McMinnville. We are truly in an exciting place at an exciting time.
Gov. Haslam and Commissioner Boyd have the wisdom to understand that the key to a brighter future is a qualified and educated workforce and prepared industrial sites. They have been helpful to Warren County with all.
When you take a step back and look, the forest of Warren County looks super because of all the trees.

Don Alexander
Red Road