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Letter to Editor 3-16
I can't believe article would appear in paper
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Let me comment on  an article that was in Friday's Standard by James Clark, apparently the editor of the Southern Standard.
I knew Mr. White, the longtime owner of the Standard, and he would be sickened by this article. I am sure this had to get someone's approval before it could get printed and I wonder who this person was.
This story is really obscene and has no place in a local newspaper and this writer needs to apologize to every person, not only in this county but throughout this paper's circulation.
He begins by saying he is undecided about who to vote for in the presidential election. Only two to three weeks ago he said Obama was a great American president and Hillary is his clone so that is not hard to figure out.
He stated he is the husband of a school teacher and then writes an article like this for general circulation. It is hard for me to believe that an apparently responsible adult would do this. However, it takes all kinds.
Jerry Roberts
Hickory Court