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Biggest busts in sports
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The 2016 NFL draft was just a little over a week ago and all 32 teams have high hopes for their new draft picks. Some of the picks may work out for the better and some may fall flat on their faces as we have seen so many of them do over the years.You never know about how a player is going to transition from the college game to the pros, just look at Tim Couch, Matt Leinart, Brady Quinn and for Titans fans, Vince Young, as some of the more recent draft busts.It really all depends on an athlete’s work ethic and how well he fits into the team’s system to find out how successful he or she will really be. I’ve compiled a list of the top busts in all of sports history and believe me there are a lot of them, but here’s to hoping your teams don’t have any players on this list for the years to come.Ryan Leaf, 2nd overall pick of the San Diego Chargers, 1998 NFL Draft.