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K-Rob's Korner 5-15
Path is clear for Warriors
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With the Spurs surprisingly getting put out of the playoffs, with a 113-99 loss and losing the series 4-2 in the Western Conference Semifinals on Thursday night to the Oklahoma City Thunder, it only leaves one clear choice in my mind who will win it all now and that’s the Golden State Warriors.I had the Spurs taking down the Warriors in the conference finals and eventually winning the NBA championship against the Cleveland Cavaliers but that won’t happen now, unfortunately and it could’ve been the final time we will see Tim Duncan ever suit up in a Spurs uniform again.I thought the Spurs were the only challenge for the Warriors because the Spurs always seem to get it done in the playoffs with fundamentally sound basketball and that’s the only way you can beat the Warriors or even have a chance because let’s face it, they’re just that good. Kevin Durant and Russel Westbrook, who both single-handily seemed to get every shot they wanted in the series against the Spurs, ending any chance of the dream matchup everyone wanted to see in the Western Conference finals.Some may think the Thunder don’t have a chance against the Warriors, that includes me, but the question is how will they prepare against a team full of all-stars like the Warriors have in Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green, who all can seemingly do it all, especially when the lights shine the brightest. I believe the only chance the Thunder have and it’s a slim one of knocking off the Warriors, is that Westbrook and Durant are going to have to play perfect basketball and that is not going to happen two series in a row.You might say, well the Warriors didn’t stop Damian Lillard in the conference semifinals matchup against the Portland Trailblazers but they didn’t have to because they have too much firepower on offense, so they could afford to let the best player on the other team score.The Warriors will eliminate both Westbrook and Durant, with stifling defense from Curry and Thompson.