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Manning simply the best
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It’s been almost a week since Peyton Manning retired from the NFL after a magnificent 18-year career that included time with the Colts and Broncos.
Manning ended his career the way he should have, with a Super Bowl victory over the Carolina Panthers, and putting an end to the dab. Manning is the only starting quarterback to win a Super Bowl with two different teams.
The question everyone will now ask: Is he the greatest quarterback in his generation or even history? My answer is simply yes. Manning had his share of highs and lows dating back to his time at the University of Tennessee, where he never seemed to get the statement win, but you always saw the competitive spirit he had with every game he played. The stats don’t lie when it comes to Manning’s career.
I remember when I was growing up not liking Peyton Manning, especially since I’m an Alabama football fan, but I’ve always had respect for the way he played the game, and how much class he showed on the field. This is why my respect for Manning will never die, and neither will the respect of past and present NFL players toward Manning, even though he did wear the orange and white on Rocky Top.
 In 1998, Manning was drafted by the Colts and I watched him take the league by storm after his rookie season. I watched Manning’s entire career and watched him terrorize my team, the Denver Broncos, on numerous occasions, but I always enjoyed when he beat the New England Patriots. Manning, after being released by the Colts in 2012, joined the Broncos and I finally had an excuse to cheer for Manning full-time.
Manning led the Broncos to four straight division titles, made the playoffs four straight years and advanced to two Super Bowls, winning one (Super Bowl 50) and losing one (Super Bowl 48), to give the Broncos their first Super Bowl since 1998.
Manning doesn’t have the Super Bowl victories Tom Brady does, but he does have more than Brett Favre and Dan Marino, who hardly ever get criticized, and he leads in every offensive category there is in the NFL, including most passing yards by anyone in NFL history (71,940).
Manning also has the most passing touchdowns in a career (539), and a season (55) in 2013, thanks to his potent offenses in Indy and Denver, which included Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne, Dallas Clark, Demariyus Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders, just to name a few. Those offenses, also contributed to Manning’s NFL record five league MVPs.
Manning and Brett Favre hold the record for most wins in a regular season in NFL history, but Manning’s downfall is his playoff record, which shouldn’t factor in, since he had made the playoffs in 15 of his 18 NFL seasons. The only record he probably wishes to be broken is the most interceptions by a rookie quarterback (28) in 1998.
Manning holds the record for TD-interception ratio +288 (539 TDs, 251 INTs), which is another remarkable statistic in a pass-happy NFL. Manning also holds the record for fourth-quarter comebacks (45), just ask the Tampa Bay Buccaneers about one of his finest on Monday night football in 2003.
So remember before you judge Manning on hatred or merely Super Bowls and playoff losses, remember all he has done for the NFL, and other organizations as a whole. Remember the stats don’t lie, and to me Manning has the best resume of any quarterback in history. So thanks again “Sheriff” for the many enjoyable games and miraculous comebacks I have watched in my lifetime. I will see you again when you put on your gold jacket in 2021 as a Hall of Famer.