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A great week for sports
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What a time to be alive and what a sports week it has been! In local action, all of the Pioneer teams, middle and high school, captured a win this week at home.
In the professional sports world, two things happened Wednesday night in the NBA that never may be seen again.
I don’t know about you, but I witnessed sports history on Wednesday night. Kobe Bryant scored 60 points in his final game and probably the best final game of a professional athlete’s career in the NBA. You may say yeah because he shot 50 times, but that is still amazing given how much mileage he has on his body at 37 years old. And the Golden State Warriors broke the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls record for regular-season wins with 73.
Let’s start with the local sports. The WCHS softball team got its first win at home on the season by dominating its rival the Sparta Warriorettes. WCHS baseball is currently on a three-game winning streak and is primed for a run as the regular season draws to a close.
The WCMS baseball team suffered its first loss of the season Tuesday on the road against Franklin North, but bounced back in a big way Wednesday avenging the loss and clinching the No. 1 seed in the conference tournament on eighth grade night.
WCMS softball bounced back, winning at home Wednesday after suffering its second loss of the season and WCHS soccer defeated its rival, the DeKalb County Tigers, in a back-and-forth game Tuesday night. Let’s just say it has been a great week of perseverance in Warren County sports.
Now to the professional sports world.
Kobe Bryant said goodbye to Laker nation and all of the NBA on Wednesday, after a 20-year career. Bryant put on one of the best performances I have ever witnessed in a final game of a career, scoring 60 points, but did you expect anything less from Kobe?
Bryant is the closest thing to Michael Jordan we will ever see again and quite possibly the greatest Laker of all-time and that’s saying a lot.
The Golden State Warriors broke the NBA’s regular season wins record, finishing with a 73-9 record and breaking the 1995-96 Bulls record of 72 games, a record I thought I’d never see broken. But are the Warriors better than those Bulls? To me they are not because it was a different era of competitive basketball back in those days, but you can’t take anything away from them, winning 73 games is a tough task.
Let’s not forget about the Titans trading the No. 1 pick to get a King’s ransom from the L.A. Rams, which will help their future, if they draft the right talent, something they haven’t done in years. Again I say, what a time to be alive!