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Just a Thought - Take a walk in someone's shoes
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Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes should be more than an expression. It is a hike worth taking, because empathy for others can make an improved, more compassionate you. Most adults live in worlds of our own making, with our opinions formed by personal life experiences and challenges we’ve faced. We can, and I’m guilty of it, go from day to day thinking mainly of ourselves and those closest to us. Our thoughts rarely venture beyond those borders. That’s somewhat self-centered, but it’s true.

To walk a mile in someone else’s shoes is an attempt to understand their life experiences and the challenges they’ve faced. Maybe see life from someone else’s perspective – undoubtedly, an eye-opening experience.

A friend’s resolution for 2022 is to put herself in other’s places. She wants to open herself up to the experiences of others. In my opinion, that will provide her a greater understanding of life outside her own borders. A wonderful idea.

Her first stroll was minimum wage and tips, which was prompted by

visiting a fast food restaurant.

Did you know that employers may pay tipped employees less than the minimum wage, as long as employees receive enough in tips to make up the difference? As a former waitress who made $2 an hour, I walked in those shoes.

While patrons give tips as a way to express appreciation for a job well done, some employers use it as a cost-saving measure.

Due to my personal experience, I’m a supporter of leaving tips and basing that amount on the service provided. Additionally, I’m an advocate of that tip being a bonus for the employee who earns it and not part of their hourly wage.

People who do not leave tips … well, don’t get me started.

Once upon a time, I received a nasty email.

“Have you ever noticed that your articles are most always about you? You have a notable ME complex that of a spoiled little girl. I cannot stand to read anymore of your life experiences, good luck on being a real journalist.”

Let’s ignore the errors in grammar, shall we? When someone lashes out at you with hurtful or unwarranted words, it’s a sign that they cannot

process their own upset or pain in a healthy way. So, they lash out verbally in an attempt to hurt you.

If I could walk a mile in his shoes, I would see how his personal life experiences and challenges led him to his opinion and actions.

I wasn’t given that opportunity.

He, also, didn’t take the opportunity to walk a mile in my shoes.

This year will be a real eye opener for my friend. She’s a wonderful person, but this resolution has the potential to make her super awesome. Maybe this resolution should be everyone’s. Learning empathy, a worthwhile trip worth taking in 2022.

Standard reporter Lisa Hobbs can be reached at 473-2191.