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Just a Thought - Something is up at Blue Building
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I’m not a fan of conspiracy theorists, but … 

It’s obvious there’s a plan in the works for the Blue Building. A behind-the-scenes agreement has definitely been worked out and it being declared surplus is part of that plan. However, I have yet to uncover what the plan is. If they tell me, I’ll tell you. That knowledge tends to cut me out of the loop. So, here we wait and the secrecy continues.

There, I’m now a conspiracy theorist. Make a spot for me at the next AlienCon Convention. I’d like to go dressed in a black suit and dark glasses, as the Men in Black do. However, that puts me in league with the government and its cover-up efforts. Not a good fit for my character in this scenario. My personality is more "the truth is out there, so go find it." That’s more Dana Scully from the X-Files. She’s not complete without Fox Mulder, though. 

Back to reality, without Spooky Mulder. 

Frequently, conspiracy theorist reach conclusions that seem more like a creation by Dr. Frankenstein. The process used to reach that conclusion is filled with just as many twists and turns as the path leading to his laboratory located in the dark, wooded mountaintop somewhere in the mind of the theorizer. I’m out when my eyes start to glaze over or roll. 

When it comes to the Blue Building, the path to my conclusion is short and sweet. The elected officials whom you would expect to object to the property being deemed surplus are now quiet as church mice. Sorry about this Alderman Rachel Kirby, but you’re my Exhibit A. 

Exhibit A: Kirby has expressed a strong desire to keep the Blue Building each and every time the property has been discussed. Now, she’s one of those as quiet as a church mouse and voting in favor of deeming it surplus. Why the flip? I don’t think she was initially in the loop as to what was going on, but someone must have clued her in.

I’ve seen instances like these many, many times over my years reporting government. While not everything is a backroom discussion held in violation of the Sunshine Law, it’s definitely not something that’s being discussed in open meetings for all to hear. I’m not a fan of any secrecy in government. Business should be conducted in the light, not through cloak-and-dagger means with secrecy. 

The truth is out there. It will be evident what was going on behind-the-scenes in regard to the Blue Building, eventually. 

Hopefully, everyone will be as happy and content as city officials seem to be about the plan. They’re offering zero hesitancy, so they must believe this step is for the best.

Personally, I’ve wanted something done with that building for a long time. Demolition by neglect was what city officials had been doing for more than a decade. Anything will be better than that.

Standard reporter Lisa Hobbs can be reached at 473-2191.