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Just a Thought - Snake trouble? Add more snakes
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The reward is up to $130,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of three armed people who shot 23 in a mass shooting early Sunday morning in Miami, Fla.

The three people are seen on a video exiting a Nissan Pathfinder and are said to have opened fire at random on a crowd of people reportedly leaving a birthday party.

It wasn’t too long ago when law enforcement officials used to refer to this type of mass shooting as “unthinkable.” But with 71 mass shootings in the United States in May, according to the Gun Violence Archive, it is evident this type of crime is very common.

So what to do?

With most problems like this, the solution is reduction.

If you have dozens of poisonous snakes in your backyard, my bet is the solution will involve getting rid of the poisonous snakes. It probably would not be adding more snakes to your backyard.

If we have dozens of people selling meth on the streets, my bet is the solution will involve getting rid of those drug dealers. It probably would not be adding more drug dealers on more street corners.

We have police officers in hopes of keeping people from speeding through neighborhoods. We don’t tackle the problem of speeding by encouraging people to drive faster when they see children on bikes.

That brings us to guns.

Gun violence is the only problem I’ve ever known where the proposed solution is more guns. 

If we have a problem with mean dogs roaming the streets and attacking kids, the solution is to make people keep their aggressive dogs up. The solution is not to convince everyone to own a vicious dog and allow it to roam free.

But in America, the best we can come up with to combat our problem of gun violence is to let more people run around with more guns with fewer background checks and fewer restrictions.

What could possibly go wrong?

Well, those 23 people leaving a birthday party in Miami might have an answer for that.

But wait … what if everyone had a loaded gun!?! If that happened, gun violence would vanish.

That was exactly the scenario May 22 in Minneapolis when two men got into a Saturday night argument. One of the men pulled a gun. Thankfully, and to the delight of gun enthusiasts everywhere, the other man also had a gun.

So the two guys pulled guns on each other. Naturally nothing could go wrong in this situation. Nothing.

Operating under the assumption you can only reduce gun violence with more guns, it would be logical to think the two men peacefully put away their weapons and went home. Unfortunately, the story didn’t end that way.

The two men shot and killed each other. Eight nearby bystanders were also hit by bullets and wounded, according to police reports.

Based on recent events, the strategy of allowing more people to walk around in more places with loaded guns appears to be failing.

Standard editor James Clark can be reached at 473-2191.