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Just a Thought - I'm learning to be patient
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I can make a crack disappear. That statement will likely turn into the butt of some jokes. I have a sense of humor, bring it. 

One of my home improvement projects is drywall patching. Given my latest round of success, I can finally say that I’ve mastered drywall patching. Maybe the word "art" should be used, because it’s not that easy. Correction: I’ve mastered the art of drywall patching. 

The secret ingredient is patience. A lot of patience and a splash of knowledge. 

How many thought I’d say love? Can’t count how many cookie recipes have that as the secret ingredient. I’m not doubting it one minute. One can taste the love, so there’s no questioning it. 

No love in drywall. It’s a nasty, tedious, time-consuming mess of a job. Patience is required because it’s usually a three-day project.

My son once said, “Mom, I wasn’t born with patience.” 

I’ve heard that from so many people. 

Listen up! No one is born with patience. Life provides us with opportunities to learn patience. If you’re an adult and you haven’t taught yourself patience, you aren’t taking the opportunities that life has given you. The best way to learn patience is to practice it with each occasion that would normally make you impatient. 

Why should we practice patience?

I read and it’s true, “We can transform impatience into patience. It’s well worth the effort because being patient is a way of treating ourselves with compassion and it also helps us calmly accept things as they are, and that always feels good.”

When I looked into drywall mudding, I decided to take the opportunity to practice patience. Success! The wall looked great and the crack was gone. 

I feel so amazingly accomplished that I had an intense desire to park on the Pro Parking Only spot at Lowe’s. 

No, I cannot build a house, but I can repair a broken water line, replace a water heater, exchange light fixtures, hang straight pictures and level shelves, paint to perfection, place upper and lower trim, caulk, replace porch rails, and mud drywall to a smooth finish. I probably missed something, but those are some pretty good qualifications. Maybe a DIY pro. 

Projects are still in full swing at my house … on the weekends. I spend Monday-Friday as a dedicated reporter and the weekends completing a to-do list that I write for myself each Friday on a chalkboard.

Do you have a chalkboard? I would recommend them to anyone who wants to keep on track and the momentum going. I write my list on Friday and mark them off, with a goal of completion by Sunday evening. It’s pretty successful. I do replace one item with another, occasionally. If the mood hits me, something is getting bumped to make room for something else.

Standard reporter Lisa Hobbs can be reached at 473-2191.