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Just a Thought - An experience that was batty
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Loving country living.

I was asked this week if I’ve found any more spiders. Nope, but there was a bat.

Last Saturday my niece’s daughter called to ask if I knew anyone who could come deal with a bat in their yard. They were in the yard attempting to deal with it, but not all that well. 

As I understood it, there were some hilarious attempts that ended with screams, screeches and quick dashes for safety. A video of those activities would have been awesome and immediately posted on Facebook if they can come my way. 

They were concerned that their dog might get hold of it. Since the bat was out in the daytime, it’s likely sick or injured. 

I don’t know anyone who specializes in bat removal, so I offered to come over and attempt a relocation. My thoughts: if I can handle catching and relocating snakes and if I can grab a possum by the tail and walk it out of my house, a bat should be easy. Right? 

Materials needed: a grab stick -- mine has soft plastic ends so I don’t injure whatever creature I’m trying to pick up -- and a plastic container from the garage. As a backup, I also grabbed a light towel, just in case I needed to toss something over the top of it, and some thick gloves.

A quick trip and I’m in their driveway pondering my next move. My niece pointed, “It’s over there.” I spotted it. 

Grabbing the stick and plastic container, I decided the best plan of attack would be to -- without hesitation -- walk right over to it and grab it with the stick. I set the container down and did just that. It worked. 

Once the bat was in the container, I placed the lid over the top and as quickly as possible, released the bat, pulled the stick out and shut the lid. Bat captured and safely contained. 

My niece says, “Well, look at you.” We exchanged social distancing hugs.

On the way home, I found a nice, wooded area where the bat wouldn’t bother anyone. I made a safe release and sent a text, “Relocation complete.”

FYI, the spider question stemmed from my last DIY column. While removing the upper trim in my bedroom, four spiders sprung out at me. My response was to arm myself with a flyswatter and place gorilla tape on the crease before placing the new trim.  

Why gorilla tape? One, I had it available, because I love that stuff. No trip to the store. Two, caulk can be a pain to apply. 

I like to think of myself as resourceful. Not sure if I broke any laws with my bat relocation, but it was better than what the dog would have done.

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