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Just a Thought - A dim view of elections
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My naïve optimism regarding elections ended long, long ago.

If you will, image a violin playing.

Elections are defined as a formal group decision-making process by which a population chooses an individual or multiple individuals to hold public office. Conditioning begins early that every vote counts and it’s the community’s responsibility to scrutinize those individuals to determine if they possess the qualities needed to efficiently, and with distinction, hold the office they seek.

That elections are about who is best for the community and society, a decision voters should take very seriously.

That’s not what happens at all.

Elections aren’t about what’s best for communities and society, if they ever were. While they should be about families, children, providing people with basic medical needs, heath care and education, they aren’t.

I haven’t voted since 1995. That’s when I took a close look at elections and my naive optimism was shattered. I was disgusted by the whole process, including the Electoral College. Presidents should be elected by majority vote, but they are not.

Key states elect the president.

Tennessee isn’t one of those.

Elections were about: Party lines and being in control.

Control freaks with a desire to make most, if not all decisions, for everyone else.

Politicians making false promises, also known as lying.

Politicians focusing on whatever hot-button topic will garner them the most votes.

Finger pointing, self-righteousness condemnation, bullying, and mudslinging.

None of that nastiness interested 20-something year old me.

I’ve been asked to reconsider my stance against elections. To “get involved.” Because of that, I’ve been looking at candidates and seeing the despicable way some conduct themselves. Facebook makes it easy.

There’s one running for county commission who is everything an elected official shouldn’t be – self-centered, vengeful, pessimistic, arrogant and just a bully.

I’m utterly astonished that anyone would consider voting for that person. They will though. Some people vote party lines and look no further.

I’ve heard it time and time again, “I don’t like him, but he’s in my party. I have to vote my party.”

Election fraud does not exist. What does exist is a lack of free-thinking individuals. If that person is what’s best for the community, continue to count me out – my first thought. My second is that not much has changed in 27 years.

What also hasn’t changed are the presence of a few good political candidates. Running for office cannot be an easy task for them. Grueling.

Frustrating. I bet it takes every ounce of energy they have to tolerate people like the one I mentioned.

So, maybe I should get involved in state and local elections. Good, qualified candidates need support, given the overwhelming, nonsensical backing given to others. I’m strongly considering it.

Lisa Hobbs can be reached at (931) 473-2191