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Just a Thought - Beautiful lights, grueling wait

I finally went to Wilson County Fairgrounds to see its Dancing Lights of Christmas. If you get the chance to go, buy eggnog and stare at your Christmas tree until those lights start dancing.

To be completely honest, that sentiment was the consensus we reached during the wait in line. Once we made it to the light display, we were pleasantly surprised and somewhat mesmerized. 

It touted a 2.5-mile route and over 2 million lights dancing to the music on the radio. It delivered. I’ve never seen so many singing Santas, trees, snowmen, swirls, candy canes, stars, musical notes, and Christmas soldiers lining the streets. The lighted tunnels were my favorite. 

Now for the bad. We arrived at 6:20 p.m., just an hour and 20 minutes after it opened. It was just before 7 p.m. before we made it to the ticket booth. The trek thru the lights display lasted 30 minutes. Not a good ratio. 

Initially, we had no idea how long the wait would take. When we arrived, we were at the main entrance to the fairgrounds and traffic had stopped. We assumed it wouldn’t take long. We could see the ticket booth just up the road from the main entrance. Wrong. So very, very wrong. We made it to the ticket booth and were directed to the right. 

To alleviate traffic congestion on the main street, traffic was diverted through the fairgrounds parking lot in a zig zag pattern – back, front, back front. Most of the time, it was two lanes with cars in two lanes. Side by side, we inched along. One vehicle overheated and there was exits for people who decided they didn’t want to see the lights this badly. We saw some take advantage of those exits. 

My boyfriend’s mom was bored. She fell silent. I thought she was asleep. Nope, she counted the cars to guestimate how many were on the lot at one time. She guessed there were at least 1,000 cars. I agree. 

Should have known early on that the evening would be adventurous. We actually planned on getting there at 5:45-ish, but we came upon a motor vehicle wreck with serious injury. Traffic was backed up and emergency personnel were arriving. 

(Thank goodness we weren’t close to Warren County. The reporter in me would have kicked in, and that’s a side of me my boyfriend has yet to witness.)

After a few moments deliberation, the decision was made to detour and not wait for officers to get a lane open. That diversion was a narrow backroad that took us out, up and back to loop us around that area. Horror movie enthusiasts, we used that time to throw out some horror movie references to our current situation. He made Ch Ch Ch Ha Ha Ha Jason sounds. Awesome. 

If you want to go see the lights, then go. Words of wisdom: leave early and get there before they open, or pack snacks. 

Standard reporter Lisa Hobbs can be reached at 473-2191.