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Just a Thought - The 20s were my best years
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I’d like to wish McMinnville Fire Department employee Adam Whitman a happy, although belated, birthday. He turned 29 on Thursday, Feb. 27. 

If you’re anxious about facing the end of your 20s, don’t be. Yes, your 20s were an amazing 10 years. That’s the years in which you’re in your physical and social prime. You still had the ability to party all night and still be somewhere in the morning. During that decade, you were brimmed with an endless optimism for all that life can hold. 

Welcome to the end. You’ve got 365 more days remaining in the best decade of your life. There’s no way to make time stand still, but you could make it feel like it lasts forever. I’ve heard it suggested that moving in with one’s mother-in-law would make one day feel like forever. If you like yours, that would not work. I’m out of suggestions. 

Possible Facebook quotes for your 29th year: “I’m doing my part for the green movement by recycling my 29th birthday indefinitely,” “I promise to celebrate my 29th birthday for as many years as I think I can still get away with it,” and “I’m opening a store called “Forever 29” to sell wine and yoga pants.”

I’m teasing Adam. With any luck, he has a sense of humor. I don’t know him from … well, Adam. I’ve probably taken his picture at emergency situations in the past. However, all those guys and gals look alike with their uniforms and helmets. 

No, we are not Facebook friends. I believe that’s one of the few benefits of social media. It will remind you of birthdays and those upcoming. However, I don’t live and breathe Facebook like some do. I’m too busy living real life. Because of that, I still miss birthdays occasionally. My apologies to anyone devastated by my absence. 

How did I know it was his birthday? 

Adam’s birthday smacked me right in the face when I walked into the city’s Fire Hall on Main Street on Wednesday. The room was filled with approximately 30 firefighters. The crowd greeted me with applause and cheer. It caught me by surprise. Without losing a beat, I bowed in appreciation. 

Unbeknownst to me, they had just finished singing happy birthday. Adam was told that someone from the paper would be there to take his picture. It was absolutely good timing and completely unplanned. I was there to do an article on three of the department’s firefighters who completed additional training. 

The situation was too funny and served as an eye-opener for me. Not sure how I’m going to pull it off, but a crowd rising up as I enter the room and greeting me with cheer should be a daily occurrence.  

Standard reporter Lisa Hobbs can be reached at 473-2191.