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Just a Thought - I'm eager for 30th class reunion

Does anyone know when the Warren County High School class of 1988 reunion is?

I’ve never attended one and I’m thinking about going, if I can find the information for it.

There’s a story behind why I’ve never gone. Back in 1993, I think it was, I received a phone call from someone who asked for Ms. Childers. Without hesitation, I replied, “That’s my mother. She doesn’t live with me. Can I take a message?”

She said, “That’s OK” and hung up.

It was sometime later my friend called and asked if I had received a phone call about our class reunion coming up. I had not. Somewhere in the recesses of my mind, it finally clicked the woman who called and addressed me as Ms. Childers was probably looking for me, not my mother.

Let me explain. By that time, I had been married five years. I had long ago made the name transition. I was no longer a Childers, at least when being addressed.

Here’s a question: why wouldn’t you start out the conversation saying “I’m in the class of 1988 and we are holding a five-year reunion. Are you Ms. Childers?” In lieu of that, you could have stated, “I’m looking for Lisa Childers” or “is this Ms. Childers from the class of '88?”

If I had been given a little more information, I would have known they were desperately seeking Lisa and not Mary.

Since that time and because of that misunderstanding, I’ve never received another call informing me about an upcoming reunion. So, here I am. Please call me! My information is located at the end of this column. It’s all work-related contacts but that’s OK, I’m at work more than I’m home.

If you haven’t done the math on the years, this year will be our 30th reunion. I’m not sure I would recognize anyone. To be honest, I do not have many fond memories of high school. It wasn’t, despite what others might say about it, the best years of my life.

Just for kicks, I Googled “reasons to attend your high school reunion” and I found what I was looking for with “5 Reasons to Attend Your High School Reunion” and it was worth the effort. 

The reasons:

• It’s nice to see the popular people living ordinary lives.
• The 10th reunion is high school part two.
• The 20th reunion encourages interesting liaisons.
• The 30th reunion is why spanx was invented.
• The 40th reunion brings the memory wall.
Of the 30th, it says, “Middle–aged classmates have lost hair and gained bellies. They pull out reading glasses and show photos of their children. Some have grandchildren. The party is over by 10 p.m.”

That is just hilarious. My friends and I joke about the days when the partying started at 9 p.m. and went all night. Now, we want it to end then.
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