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An encounter with a skunk
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I’m sure I’ve said this before, but I love living in the country. The trees, cleaner air, cooler temperatures, seeing stars in the sky at night, less traffic congestion, etc.
While there are benefits, there are detriments.
Maybe you recall the column I wrote about the night I let my dog out for her last bathroom break of the day and she came back in with a visitor, a possum that walked into my laundry room and hid behind my water heater. Using sturdy thick gloves in order to protect my hand, I reached behind the water heater and grabbed the vermin by the tail. I slowly pulled it out from its hiding place and, looking much like the walk of Frankenstein with one arm outstretched, walked it outside and dropped it off the edge of the porch.
The possum episode was crazy, but nothing compared to this. I’m living with the canine version of Pepe Le Pew. Trust me it definitely isn’t a lovable character
It happened in a mirror image of the possum episode. I let Baby out at about 9 p.m. for her last bathroom break before bedtime. I heard a noise and yelled for her to come in. I didn’t see what it was, but as she made her way toward me, I could smell her before she even got to the porch. The smell was radiating from her like a sewer system. I covered my nose.
She came in, laid down on her bed and rubbed her face on the carpet – the location of the skunk attack. I could see droplets that created the offensive odor all over her face. Apparently, she inspected the unknown animal a bit too closely and that was a spray of “back off buddy.”
I yelled to clear out of the bathroom ASAP. My daughter asked what’s going on. Before I could say, “Baby got sprayed by a skunk,” she smelled it. Her only defense was shutting her bedroom door, although I honestly don’t believe that helped.
I ordered Baby into the tub. At that very moment, I wished I had tomato juice. I don’t know if that trick actually works but I would have hosed her down with a truckload of it at that very moment. Instead, I had to settle for a bath full of Ivory soap – wash, rinse and repeat. It helped a little.
Since that time, we’ve spent quite a few days with the air conditioner off and the windows and doors to the house open. I’ve even given her a follow-up bath. I purchased some cans of tomato juice as a future insurance policy. Consider it my insurance policy.
While Pepe Le Pew may be fictional, the end result of Baby’s encounter is not. She is living the life of Pepe, who was constantly in search of love and appreciation. No one is touching Baby and she probably doesn’t know why. She’s looking so sad.
Maybe life won’t stink someday.
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