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Just A Thought 8-13
New water slide is terrifying fun
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I went to Lake Winnie last Saturday and I’m barely recovered from it.
Lake Winnie is a lot of fun. It’s even better when you have a hyper 9-year-old boy who is probably happier in the water than he is on land. Terry Nate and I went through the river about 15 times. Between my daughter, my niece (his mom), and her daughter, he probably went through it 50 times. He exhausted himself.
It’s actually called “Lazy River” because you are supposed to lie on a float and do just that. Terry Nate wants to be thrown, pretend like he’s trying to evade you, holding onto the side for dear life like he’s being swept away, and race you. His favorite part of the Lazy River was the wave lagoon. They don’t have it on every time you go by so he would rush back around to see if it’s on this time. He’s a bundle of fun and exhausting to keep up with.
Lake Winnie has a new water-related slide. This thing is impressive and slightly scary to look at. I can’t even describe the feeling I had as I looked up at it. It’s a racing slide where you and your friends can race side-by-side to the bottom.
I was the only one who volunteered when Terry Nate wanted to try it. We waited patiently in line for our rubber mats and made our way up the stairs of the massive slide. Waiting in line was an experience all in itself. All around me were children trying to talk themselves out of going or into going – it’s difficult to tell.
The boy in front of us asked me about the possibility of someone going down the slide and just taking flight. I envisioned a magic carpet and tried not to laugh. I assured him that he wouldn’t and that’s not possible. I don’t think he believed me, because he continued to talk about safety concerns.
A park employee, a teenager who couldn’t have been more than 16 years old, came walking down the steps.
The boy asked, “What’s safe about this ride?”
“I’m not sure how to answer that,” said the teenager. “Everything is safe about this ride.”
The girl behind us was very dramatic. She was probably 10 or 11 years old. She was singing the meow song from the cat food commercials and saying things like “Take me out of this cruel thing called life.”
As we ascended, her stress level must have risen with us, because she started making comments about not taking the plunge. Her friends urged her not to chicken out.
She said, “I think you want me to do this because you don’t want to do it.”
Her friend replied, “That made no sense at all.”
As we got to the top, Terry Nate and I took our places and quickly shot to the bottom. We agreed it was amazing, but neither of us went again.
Fun times.
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