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Just A Thought 3-12
Crystal ball shows dead tomato plants
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First attempt at a garden … failure.
I’ve gotten out my crystal ball and reported future events before they even happen. How’s that for my journalism talents? Pretty sweet, right? 
Now that I’ve reported the ending, I better start from the beginning.
Gardening is one of those things I’ve always considered and always hesitated doing because I have this underlying belief that I would be extremely unsuccessful at it.
I do not have a green thumb. I wish I did because I’m pretty sure with the state American’s in right now that I’ll need to know how to garden in order to keep from starving to death when I retire. I really should say "if I retire" and not "when I retire" in that sentence.
I know people who garden every year. I, occasionally, get items given to me. I love squash the most, just an FYI to anyone who wants to know. 
To be completely honest, two things have stopped me from trying to plant my own garden: 1) having the time to learn how; 2) having the time to execute the endeavor from beginning to end.
I guess I could narrow that down into one reason, time, but it really feels like two different issues. I could learn how to plant a garden but that wouldn’t fee up time to actually plant a garden and tend to it all summer long.
I went to the Nashville Lawn and Garden Show last weekend with my friend, Carolyn. She loves those shows. I would also love to report that I walked away from the event without bringing home four Sweet 100 Cherry Tomato plants, but I cannot. Carolyn said they are perfect. Carolyn said they are the easiest to grow. Carolyn said those would be perfect to start learning. Carolyn said … a lot.
After a little urging from Carolyn, I purchased them and affectionately called them "my first victims."
Victim one, two, three and four have been transplanted from their black little containers into individual eco-friendly containers that Carolyn bought for them – her attempt to help ensure their survival, I’m guessing.
I’ve begun doing a little research on how to care for them. There’s way more to it than just planting them in the ground and walking off. These plants need support, both financial and physical. Silly of me to think otherwise. Right now, I’m having to move them in and out of the house because the nights are way too cold for them. Tedious, at best. I can’t wait until I can just leave them outside.
I will keep you posted as to their progress. Who knows, this could be the beginning of something great – I’m shaking my head "no" as I type that in.
An update to last Sunday’s column: I appreciate the support in my effort to receive the $70,000 under the legal premise of finders keepers, losers weepers. I would love to report that I received the money. However, I cannot. 
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