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Abandoned puppy has loving home
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We have a new, unexpected addition to the family just in time for Christmas. Her name is Brownie, and she was dumped on the road by my house by a very heartless person or persons.
The dumping occurred Saturday, Nov. 26, just after dark. A dark-colored car stopped in the street by my house. My children couldn’t tell what they were doing, but it’s not a normal occurrence for anyone to stop in the middle of the street so it caught their attention. After the car pulled off, a car coming in the other direction also stopped in the street. However, in the car’s headlights they could see a puppy in the road.
If it wasn’t bad enough to dump a puppy, they did it knowing the temperature would drop to below freezing in just a couple of hours. What if my children weren’t home? What if they didn’t see the puppy and it spent the night in the woods? What if the oncoming car didn’t stop? There are a lot of what ifs that could have ended with the death of this puppy.
I know what these people were probably thinking, “We’ll drop it here beside this house. They’ll take it in. It will be fine.” They’ve probably seen me walking my dog and thought I would give it a good home. I agree. Well, a better home than you.
My children, being just like their mother, are very kind-hearted. They picked the puppy up and brought it into the house. They offered it some of my dog’s food. However, she was too young to eat it. They had to go to the store and buy puppy food. She couldn’t eat that. We figure she's maybe 10-12 weeks old. With some puppies it’s difficult to tell. She could be younger.  She couldn’t eat adult dog food.
She was very skittish. I’m assuming being dumped by your owners would cause that. Once she calmed down a bit, she was given a bath and shown where she would sleep. She just laid there – very pitiful.
My dog, Baby, was not amused. I’m not sure she knows she’s a dog. We treat her like part of the family. She’s one of my children and she’s cared for to the best of my ability, just like one. While I don’t know what she knows, she definitely doesn’t normally like other dogs in her house. She made sure Brownie knew who the boss was right from the beginning. It was a tense moment that passed quickly.
Brownie was instantly adopted by my daughter so I guess she’s staying. I don’t have time for a puppy and Baby is about all I can handle. She’s approximately 75 pounds. Brownie looks like she might get half that. I’ve already warned my daughter that Brownie needs to be walked, as all indoor dogs do.
Counting Brownie and Baby, there are seven of us. We’re one big happy family in a cozy, little house for Christmas.
Standard reporter Lisa Hobbs can be reached at 473-2191.