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Henry ready for school after break
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It comes time for all good things to end. Thus was the case of Christmas break which came to an end Tuesday after several days of bonus vacation for the kids thanks to Mother Nature.

Hey, I have to admit, I’m kind of a fan of school vacations myself since I take Henry to school one or two mornings during the week. Vacation means I don’t have to get up at 6 a.m. and step out into the cold to make that trek down Manchester Highway. Call it lazy. Call it what you will, but that sleep you get when you’re allowed to crawl back under the covers after your alarm wakes you before dawn is the best sleep of all.

“Woohoo, no school,” I muttered each morning I awoke to my alarm and then recalled it was Christmas vacation.

Henry was the same way. He was counting down the days until Christmas break, marking them out on our calendar like an inmate marking out the days left in the stir. Granted, some of that anticipation likely had to do with Santa coming but there was also a lot of relief that he wouldn’t have to suffer through homework and tests for a while. In case I haven’t mentioned it, Henry looks forward to homework the same way you and I would look forward to a slow, painful root canal – without the laughing gas.

Just as I thought, Christmas break came and Henry was ecstatic, running about the house, playing games and having a big ole time. That enthusiasm went on through Christmas as he played with the stuff from Santa. And, anytime someone would ask if he was looking forward to going back to school, he would respond with a growl.

However, somewhere around the first of the year that angst toward a return to class melted away. It became especially apparent when the planned return day was canceled due to the extreme cold and the damage at his school caused by frozen water pipes.

“Guess what, Henry,” I awoke him. “There’s no school today. You get another day off!”
Instead of giving me a smile, happy to have another free day, Henry shot me a frown. “But I wanted to go to school,” he said, throwing the covers back over his head.

Wow. What a change. From a kid looking to escape from the lockup to one who is melancholy about not getting to go to school. The next day was even worse when school was canceled again Friday.
“I miss my teacher so bad,” he said almost in tears. “I want to see my friends.”

I guess it is true that not only does absence make the heart grow fonder, but it also helps you forget how bad you hate homework.

As you can guess, Monday was even worse. Henry was ready for school, his lunch and backpack waiting to go when class was canceled. I kept my jubilation over getting to sleep in that morning to myself. I guess we will see how long he keeps his affinity for school intact. My guess until it’s time for Spring Break.

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