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The Groove - The power of positive thinking
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I am a strong believer in using positive thinking and affirmations in my life. I acknowledge how the power of positivity, what a person envisions in their mind and what is spoken into existence, can help a goal come to fruition.

This can be for a new job, a raise or improvement in a financial situation, peace and happiness within, success in personal life, reaching a desired result, or an ambition to live happily and healthily. 

Prayers and mantras, which are words repeated to aid concentration on a certain objective, are of the utmost importance when it comes to speaking positivity into one’s life. Manifestation of a wanted outcome is done by aiming to see the success one has worked toward and expressed a belief in doing so.

We all have the power to speak something into existence or create a new reality. There’s a saying: “What you think is what you become.” Thinking and speaking positively and having an aspiration can change the path of life.

This doesn’t mean one can just lie back, think positive thoughts and hope for a better future without putting in the work to obtain an objective. However, when a person focuses on something they hope to achieve, or can picture how reaching that accomplishment will look and feel, it can create the necessary inspiration for someone to strive harder toward what they hope to achieve and increase confidence in themselves to attain said goal. 

There is another benefit of thinking in a positive manner. Once I began focusing on good things that could happen and are currently happening in my life, the negatives slowly faded away.

I paid more attention to all of the beautiful things I was hearing and witnessing.

The things I previously took for granted became more apparent. Feeling the wind blow through my hair, experiencing the warmth of the sun on my face, stopping to wander into a field of wildflowers and appreciating their vibrant yellow hues, spending time with the ones I love, listening to and fully delighting in the emotions I received from the euphoric sounds of instruments and poetic lyrics, seeing birds perched in trees and flying swiftly through the sky, feeling the soft flutter of butterfly wings as they hovered close to me and so many more experiences I became aware of after finally opening my eyes to the abundance of positives.

I’ve also seen improvements in my personal and work life, increase in my self-worth and self-esteem, a feeling of contentment, yet still continuing to aim higher, and slowly witnessing the positive results I had hoped for, worked towards and focused on in my life become reality.

When concentrating on the good and putting that energy into motion through affirmations, picturing future achievements, setting goals and striving toward them, negativity has a way of falling to the side and losing its power. Positive thinking can truly change your life, but only if you let it.

Standard reporter Atlanta Northcutt can be reached at 473-2191.