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The Groove - Other front line heroes
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As we wage war against COVID-19 to protect ourselves and those we love, I’d like to give a much deserved thank you to those on the front lines who run willingly and selflessly onto the battlefield to fight the deadly virus. These courageous souls do so for our well-being without even knowing our names. 

Doctors, nurses and EMTs are all such brave and heroic fighters who are caring enough to help those in need, which could easily be you or me. Although these individuals are true heroes, we tend to forget them.

Those who must come into work each day, stamp their time cards, return to their registers, hover over assembly lines, continuously place items in boxes, and tape them shut to be shipped across the world.

UPS and postal workers sort through the mail, sending and physically delivering packages. Grocery store workers, whom may I mention are dying in order to support their families as they’re forced to work to keep their jobs, are the ones sorting and placing the produce, water and toilet paper onto the shelves.

The bankers who handle cash, which is already filthy due to the hundreds of hands which have touched it, as they deposit your checks or hand over the withdrawn money you requested.

Why don’t we also discuss another category of people on the front line? Fast food workers who must come into work each day because they are deemed as an employee of an essential business.

Most have children, many have spouses who have been temporarily laid off or laid off altogether as the economy plummets. They have bills and mortgages to pay, car loans, rent, healthcare, food and so much more. Many of us are privileged enough not to be constantly consumed with fear and anxiety, and praying to be able to survive one more day, just one more day.

I’ve known people who are engulfed in constant worry. These individuals will put a fake smile on their face, greet you politely and in the friendliest way, hand over your food through the drive-thru as they secretly hope they haven’t contracted this deadly virus.

They don’t even fear for themselves, but bringing it back to those they love. Those who are the reason they go into work each day to create a better life for their children, themselves and be able to provide for those they love.

We honor the doctors, nurses, emergency personnel and all others in scrubs, masks and gloves, as we should. I couldn’t be more grateful for their bravery, selflessness and care for others.

We can’t forget those standing right in front of us, and giving their all to survive, provide a sense of normalcy and be the ones who’re there at the end of a regular day, all while smiling and providing the best customer service they can. They are also heroes. Be kind, be respectful and remember a small “thank you” goes a long way.

Standard reporter Atlanta Northcutt can be reached at 473-2191.