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The Groove - Misery loves company, kindness loves all
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The saying “misery loves company” is one everyone’s heard many times, but it’s taken me 28 years to actually realize why it’s so often used. In my naivety, I’ve always believed people were good, kind, generous and caring toward others. 

I’m not speaking of monsters, such as murderers, rapists or psychopaths, who perform such inhumane acts on others without any form of empathy or regret. I don’t see those individuals as human.

However, when it comes to the rest of the human race, I’ve always liked to believe kindness fills the majority of people’s hearts. I’ve now realized there are many people we interact with in our lives who are unkind for whatever reason.

In my humble opinion, those who bring down others for no reason are struggling inside with their own issues causing them to lash out at others. They, themselves, are hurting. 

Are they unhappy in their own lives, intimidated, on a power trip, insecure, threatened or does it make them feel more powerful and superior to beat others down with negative actions and words? Or could it all just be a facade to find one moment of happiness by watching someone suffer through negative interactions? 

I’ve met people who’ve said hurtful and demeaning words either to my face or behind my back, made fun of me or criticized every movement I made and every thought I expressed. 

I retreated further into my shell to avoid conflict or confrontation seeing as I loathe both. I’ve had individuals try to ruin my career, my reputation and attack who I am as a person, which is what actually hurts.

What’s most important to me in this world is being good, kind and having a strong sense of empathy. The highest compliment I can give someone is they are truly good, meaning they shine a bright light amid this dark world by showing love, understanding and care to all individuals. 

Those are the people I love, and who give me hope. Those who talk you up, yet lay down the truth you need to hear, are there for you without judgment and who will try to help a struggling stranger since they know it’s easy to fall into such a situation.

I believe that’s the meaning of being a good person.

As I’m discovering the unhappiness in others, who’ll try to pull you down into their hopeless and morose view of life, you must stand strong. Leave them to take their unhappiness out on someone else. Love and respect who you are enough to be able to walk away. Follow your dreams, explore the places you’ve longed to visit and express yourself in the creative ways you enjoy.

Don’t let others bring you down. Instead, remain hopeful and happy. Encourage, accept, laugh with and love the many good people who are out there.  

“The greatest win is walking away and choosing not to engage in drama and toxic energy at all.” 

– Lalah Delia 

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