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Further Afield - Don't say mean things about ex
luke cameron

1. You know, one thing that can really grind your gears is hearing a man talk down his ex-wife or ex-girlfriend. Why do men do this?

They talk as though they were forced against their will to enter the relationship with the person they are talking down. The fact is, they themselves made the decision to date that person. They were not forced to do so.

When a man talks down his ex-girlfriend, this is the message that is transmitted: “I am not a good decision-maker. I am not taking responsibility for my actions and my choices. I myself chose to enter into a relationship with that person. All things come to an end at some point, and eventually our relationship ended. Instead of accepting this and accepting the fact that I was probably as responsible as she was for the demise of our relationship, I am going to place all the blame on her and I will conveniently omit the fact that I willfully chose to date that person in the first place.”

2. One time when this writer asked someone what the secret to their long-lasting marriage was, the person replied, “One of us works nights, and the other works days.”

Another person on another occasion replied to this question as follows: “You know, divorce is so expensive these days.” These comments warm my heart, because they are rooted in truth. Long-term romantic relationships are tough, as any participant in one can attest.

Valentine’s Day and hugs and kisses and Hershey kisses and holding hands—that is all well and good and healthy. However, if you have not wished for your significant other to take a months-long hike on the Appalachian Trail or to shoot off into space on a SpaceX for a little while, then you probably have not been in love.

3. Question — Why do people save all their good material on someone for that person’s funeral/ memorial service/eulogy? In my humble opinion, people should get together and honor a loved one before the person dies. You go to a funeral and you hear these awesome eulogies, and they bring you to tears.

In the back of your mind, though, you think, “Man, it is too bad the person being praised is, you know, dead and not around to hear all the great stuff that is being said about them.” How about getting together and telling the person how great they are when they are still alive, instead of waiting for them to die and then speaking to a pine box?

4. Why do people turn on their high-beams on the highway? What purpose does this serve, other than momentarily blinding other drivers? In all my years, not one time has it been necessary for me to turn on the high-beams on the highway.

State highways are pretty well-lit and well-marked; high-beams seem to be unnecessary. Regular roads, back roads—yes, highbeams necessary. On state highways— not so much.

Luke Cameron is a Southern Standard contributor.