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Pageants different than horse shows
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Call me sexist, call me a chauvinist, and call me a stick in the mud. For years I stayed as far away from the Warren County pageants as I could.
You couldn’t get me anywhere near the grandstands when the Fairest of the Fair or Little Fairest was going on. And, let’s not even talk about the baby show with all those crying babies squalling.
Frankly, I somewhat enjoyed the fair but two nights was plenty for me and none of those two nights would be spent watching those pageants. If mommy and granny wanted to sit on the metal bleachers and eyeball the sparkling dresses, they could have at it. That just left more room for me on the midway and at the food booths.
However, this is 2016 and things change. Now the paper has video and guess who the videographer is. Yep. Me. And guess what the viewers on want to see this time of year. Yep. You guessed it. Pageants.
So, any idea who now has to go to every pageant at the fair? Yep. The same guy who avoided them like the plague for years. Now, I’m the pageant guy. I may as well get a shirt with “Pageant Guy” written on it in glitter. Maybe I can get one of those T-shirt places at the fair to print one to make it official.
This also means that instead of two days at the fair, I’m now like most of you – I’ll be at the fair every day. I already have the Fairest of the Fair and Preteen Fairest in the can as we say and by the time you read this I will have finished Little Fairest.
Actually, you’re probably reading this just before I head to the baby show Wednesday afternoon. Hey, the least you can do is go to the multimedia section and watch the videos since the guy who hated pageants is making them.
Has becoming pageant guy changed my opinion? Perhaps a little. I can appreciate the hard work that goes into both coordinating and competing in the pageants.
I was slow to give in to horse shows too. However, after covering the horse show at the fair for over 20 years, I now have an appreciation. I’ve also gotten where I can pick the winner almost every time. I’ve not yet reached that level in the fairest shows, although I have figured out that, unlike horse shows where there’s a definite thing judges are looking for, beauty pageants are very much up to the personal preferences of the judges. In other words, beauty contests are much more subjective than horse shows. Regardless, I’ll be at the fairgrounds for both.
My only relaxing night this week will be parking cars for the Exchange Club on Friday evening. I get to relax and watch the midway from a distance while trying not to get run over. Oh, and Thursday evening, I’ll be selling my books at the Heritage building next to the jail at the fair. Come see me and buy a book.
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