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I'm Duane and I'll be your waiter
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Just on cue, the skies opened up and watered Warren County Fairgrounds this week, giving the annual exposition a soggy start thanks to the remnants of Hurricane Irma.
If you’re from Warren County then you know the fair is akin to religion here. We are one of the only free fairs in the state so you can take your whole family and eat for an affordable price. It’s the one place where everybody goes. It’s the place where you will see that guy you knew in high school, whose name escapes you at the moment and you end up coming up, shaking his hand and calling him “buddy” or “hey you” while hoping his name will come to you. It won’t. And, the worst part he will always ask “Do you know who I am?” and you will have to smile, lie and say, “Of course I do."
Deputies will see people they’ve been trying to catch for months. It doesn’t matter if you are a wanted man, the fair is too much of a temptation to resist.
“Come along with me,” you will hear a deputy say every year at the fair as he leads a fugitive from the fairgrounds while the arrestee is licking on a candied apple or finishing a funnel cake.
One of my favorite things about the fair is the food. It’s like one big open-air buffet out there, all with things that will clog your arteries and pack on the pounds. It’s the most unhealthy I eat the entire year. I have to train extra hard in the weight room just to be able to survive the assault fair food puts on my body.
I’m not slamming the fair food. It’s delicious. However, there aren’t many ways you can deep fry an Oreo and make it nutritious. Cotton candy is colored sugar and cheese fries, well, they’re cheese fries. If it sounds yummy then it must be bad for you.
This year, I’m not only consuming the food, I’m also dishing it out. I was asked to work at the Morrison food booth Friday so I will be there taking orders, contributing to the delinquency of your diet. Now, despite being a grizzled veteran of eating fair food, this will mark my first time actually serving it and, I’ve got to admit, I’m a bit nervous. Sure, I’m good with people but my worry is not being good with orders. There’s nothing more irritating than getting the wrong thing and from what I hear, some folks aren’t so forgiving if their order isn’t right.
That’s unfortunate since almost everyone working at a food booth at the fair is doing it as a volunteer. I think folks should have a little more patience given cooks and waiter/waitresses are doing what they do to help the community. If you get onions and you didn’t want them, take them off and don’t yell at who waited on you, especially if it’s me.
Come give me a shout out Friday night and get some service with a nervous smile.
Standard reporter Duane Sherrill can be reached at 473-2191.