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Family Man 2-1
No snow and one long face
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Expectations were high this past weekend as snow was in the forecast. Students and teachers alike looked hopefully out their windows Sunday evening for the white stuff from heaven to begin falling and provide them a day of relaxation and leisure.The kids were hoping for a day without the having to hear the droning of their teachers and the assignment of homework to interrupt their gaming time and the teachers were hoping to get a day away from our incorrigible children for an extra day and away from the pressure of benchmarks and preparing for whatever test will fail to work online this year.But no, the forecasters were wrong. Not only didn’t the ground get covered by the white stuff but, as far as I could tell, there was nothing falling from the sky Sunday night but air.“Is it snowing yet?” my youngest son Henry asked repeatedly Sunday night, each time looking hopefully at me only to have his hopes dashed by the painful truth.“But it’s supposed to snow,” he argued, walking past me to look out the window, hoping his looking out would trigger the coming blizzard.That’s when I decided to give him the benefit of my meteorological knowledge.