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Everlasting Joy - SBLII winners and losers
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The Super Bowl featured 1,151 yards of offense, the most of any game in NFL history.

It featured advertisers shelling out $5 million for a 30-second ad.

And perhaps the most memorable moment came from some 13-year-old kid fumbling with his cellphone during Justin Timberlake’s halftime performance. The teen, who wished only to be identified as Ryan, was interviewed on “Good Morning America” on Monday and said he gained more than 8,000 online followers since being shown on TV with Timberlake.

As the glow from Super Bowl LII begins to fade, Ryan is one of the big winners, redeeming his 15 minutes of fame. Here are some other winners and losers.


Eagle coach Doug Pederson – He lost his franchise QB near the end of the season and his dominating left tackle before that. To win a Super Bowl with backups at those positions is remarkable.

The fourth-down trick TD pass to QB Nick Foles is one of the best plays I’ve ever seen designed. It came from the vault of assistant coach Press Taylor, who said the Eagles planned to use it in the NFC Championship, but never needed it.

Nick Foles – Nothing increases your market value like being named Super Bowl MVP. The question is whether Foles, who is under contract with the Eagles next year, will be happy with a backup role if a healthy Carson Wentz returns?

Amazon – Amazon may one day rule the galaxy. With that lofty possibility, you’d have to expect the company to produce the best Super Bowl ad. It did.


City of Philadelphia – The Eagles win and their fans celebrate by setting fire to their town and causing mass destruction. It’s once again proof the human race is not very intelligent.

Malcolm Butler – The Super Bowl hero for New England during its win over Seattle, Butler didn’t play a single defensive snap for the Patriots on Sunday after he led the team in defensive snaps during the season.

It’s hard to question Bill Belichick, but let’s do it this time because not playing Butler was a dumb decision.

Justin Timberlake – It won’t hurt $300 ticket sales to his concerts, but Timberlake’s halftime show was largely blah.

The show might earn fair marks as a dance routine. As a concert, it stunk like a dead dog.

The Patriots – Might this (finally!) be the beginning of the end of New England’s dynasty. Tom Brady, assuming he returns, will start next season at age 41.

Patriot defensive coordinator Matt Patricia accepted the head coaching job with the Lions on Monday. Offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels was announced as the Colts new head coach Tuesday. Even Belichick’s future has been under speculation.