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Everlasting Joy 8-13
Pioneers can beat Smithville
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A win didn’t materialize for the WCHS football team this preseason, a setback which can quickly be forgotten with a season-opening victory this Friday night against DeKalb County.
The preseason has been much like you’d expect the preseason to be. The Pioneer offense has shown it can drive the ball straight down the field for a touchdown. It’s also shown it’s capable of moving backwards with penalties and silly mistakes.
Defensively, the Pioneers have slammed opponents for the most part, but they seem to allow a few back-breaking plays each game. Those handful of plays are the difference between being 3-0 and 0-3 as every Warren County scrimmage has been close.
DeKalb County promises to put the Pioneer defense to the test. The Tigers spread the field and will look to capitalize on a Warren County defensive breakdown to change the game.
DeKalb County is coming off a 20-7 win in its jamboree game Friday night against Clay County, a tiny high school located in Celina. Comparing how the Tigers performed against Celina isn’t going to be an even translation when looking at what they might be able to accomplish against Warren County.
Former Southern Standard sports reporter Steve Warner was at DeKalb County’s jamboree game and said the Tigers had their passing game in high gear. He also said DeKalb County has a bruising RB.
Warren County will be looking to change the trajectory of a series which is knotted at 6-6, but has been going DeKalb County’s way in recent years. The Tigers have won five of the last six games. Warren County’s lone win during that span came in 2014 when the Pioneers built a big lead then held on for a 34-30 win.
In analyzing this game, I’m confident Warren County will be able to move the ball. QB Isaiah Grayson leads an offensive attack that’s had success running against all three of its preseason opponents.
The Pioneers have done well when they get positive yardage on first down and have situations like second-and-6. When the Pioneers get penalized for illegal procedure and have first-and-15, things don’t turn out so well. I realize that’s not exactly cutting-edge analysis, but it’s accurate.
Defensively, Warren County is playing solid football 90 percent of the time. It’s that other 10 percent which is causing so much anxiety. The Pioneers have played with intensity but their execution has been inconsistent.
For the season opener against Smithville, I think the Pioneers will come ready to play in front of a rowdy home crowd at Nunley Stadium. Warren County certainly has the horses to win and start the year 1-0.