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Seeking the Superman of local softball
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Gal Gadot has turned some heads with her breakthrough performance as Wonder Woman.
Gadot may be powerful on the big screen, but all of it is not a Hollywood act. She’s a former combat instructor for the Israeli Army who studied several fighting forms in preparing for her movie role, including karate, swordsmanship, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and kickboxing.
The reason I mention Gadot is because Wonder Woman is commonly viewed as the female equivalent to Superman. That and the fact it’s enjoyable to do a Google search for Gal Gadot.
When talking about Superman, the Major League Baseball equivalent has to be Aaron Judge, the 6-foot-7, 282-pound offensive tackle poured into a baseball uniform. The New York Yankee slugger showed his might Monday night by hitting 47 total home runs on his way to becoming the first rookie to ever win the MLB Home Run Derby.
Four of Judge’s home runs traveled more than 500 feet. In his Round 1 power hitting display of 23 home runs, Judge finished the round with an average exit velocity of 111.9 mph. This proves there really is a stat for everything in baseball.
Watching Judge pound the ball to the delight of some 37,000 fans in Miami makes me think of what fun it would be to have a home run hitting competition here in Warren County. Considering this is softball country, with some heavy hitters able to launch the ball over the fence, the home run contest would have to be with softballs, not baseballs.
McMinnville’s Parks and Recreation Department has done such a great job with its sports programs, including a new kickball league, it would be the perfect choice to coordinate such a Home Run Derby. And with a $5,000 grand prize, it would be sure to draw plenty of participants. OK, so maybe $5,000 is a bit of a stretch.
There are some famed home run hitters in Warren County softball lore who can really address the ball with authority. This list includes guys like Jordan Elkins, Ryan Williams, Cory Richardson, Caleb Northcutt, Jeff Chisam, Todd Dunn, Gavin Lewis, and John Wilson.
Hunter Adams may not be thought of as a traditional home run hitter, but there’s still talk about the shot he blasted earlier this year in Crossville that one softball enthusiast described as the longest home run he’s ever seen.
Get these guys together, and probably a few dozen more, and I’d be anxious to see who would emerge as the champ. I think a Warren County Home Run Derby would be a fitting addition to our athletic offerings and bring folks out to the ballpark to enjoy the excitement.