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Everlasting Joy 12-23
Quitting can bring regret
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Whenever I come to a crossroads and there’s a decision to be made, I always try to remember the law of physics which states for every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction.For example, if I try to jump eight trash cans on my dirt bike, we can guess the equal and opposite reaction will probably involve a trip to the emergency room.If game show host Steve Harvey accidentally crowns the wrong Miss Universe, survey says the reaction will be hard feelings, endless jokes, and a mistake that will define Harvey’s career.That brings me to the topic of high school athletes deciding to quit playing sports, something which seems to be fairly common here in Warren County. Since I’m not here to endorse a life of anguish, I would consider quitting an option if the player has truly grown to dislike the sport and is miserable during time spent around that sport.But we must remember each action brings an equal and opposite reaction, and most of the time that reaction to quitting for high school athletes is remorse. If it’s not immediate remorse, it will be remorse later when, a few years after high school, they look back and wish they’d finished their playing career.One thing that can’t be stated firmly enough is how small a window most people have when it comes to an athletic career.